Why I switched back to Squarespace for my website


If you aren’t new around here you may see the website has a totally different look (and the online shop is BACK!). I’m going to be real with you guys…. I have literally tried every website hosting platform there is! I have jumped from Squarespace to Shopify to Wordpress to Showit now I’m back to Squarespace (clearly I have a hard time making up my mind LOL).

Why so many different platforms? The easy answer? Trial and error. While they all have their pros & cons I felt like this is the perfect spot for this stage in my growing business.

I wanted something low maintenance but something that I could customize to make my own. For me going back to Squarespace was the best of both worlds. I loved the customizations that came with Wordpress & Showit but I was seriously lacking the ability to have a full online store with my hundreds of products (especially with products that are personalized with more than just a name). And on the other hand, Shopify was great for the online store but lacked the ability to customize it the way I wanted/needed it.

So that leads me back to the beginning…. Squarespace! It’s kind of funny since this was the platform that I started with and now I am back! It excites me because they have added so many new features and customization tools that I couldn’t get with any of the other platforms. If you have ever asked me for a platform reccomendation or if I have ever designed a website for you then you know it’s always Squarespace. So I’m very excited to be back where I am comfortable!

My goal with my website has always been to clearly show you what I do and make it as user friendly as possible. I think this new site really captures that and I can’t wait to expand on it and grow it to where I want it.

So whether you need custom invitations for your party or wedding, business branding for your company or want to shop the pre-existing designs. There should be NO confusion on where to go once you are on the site!

I can’t wait to show you some of the new designs I have been working on (Holiday stuff is coming SUPER SOON) and new products like my personalized stationery!

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