The Number One Question I get asked when buying a Printable Invitation...

The Number One Question I get asked when buying a Printable Invitation is “Where do I print them?” While all the invitations in my shop are printed options, I do have an Etsy shop with printable options (in case you didn’t already know!)

Printable invitations are great if you need a quick invitation that you can print the same day you get the file or send out digitally. There are three different ways to get your files printed. 

The first option: Local Print Shops
I personally always recommend sending the files to a local print shop in your area for three reasons: 

  1. They are much easier to work with than larger stores such as office depot, staples, kinkos...

  2. They are typically less expensive and are flexible as far as timeframes

  3. And, the most important you are supporting a local business plus they will make sure the job gets done correctly!

I’m not knocking the corporate stores and they are a great option if you can’t find a local print shop but I personally haven’t had great luck when I get invitations printed for myself or for an order (there have been times where I have gone to a corporate place such as office depot or staples and paid a fortune for prints that ended up being wrong because they printed it incorrectly and they still made me pay ---not great customer service!)

The Second Option: Online
There are also some great online options like or my personal favorite, prints of love*, where you can upload your image and order the quantity you need! These take a couple of extra days since they are shipped to you but it’s worth how easy it is and it’s one less errand you have to run (you can order the envelopes too with them too!)

The Third Option: Print at Home
Printing at home is always a great option too! You can easily print out the invitations, cut them and they are ready to go. For this option, you just want to make sure you have all the necessary and proper tools such as quality ink (and enough ink), a thick card stock to print them on, either a cutting machine or a sure way to make sure you are cutting them all straight.

I hope you find these tips useful when purchasing printable invitations online. Of course, there is always just the “I don’t want to mess with any of this” option and just have me print them for you… in that case, click here to head to the shop of printed invitations designs and let’s get started! 

*This post contains affiliate links.